Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours            copywright 2012                     Mindy Joy Rutkovitz





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As an alternative to the typical city tour of San Francisco


I have created an experience that gets people away from the tourist trail and allows them explore their surroundings.  There is no guide that can communicate what your five senses can.  I want you to see, touch, taste, hear and feel San Francisco.

I want to keep the day personal and casual, with no more than six people in a group, where it is easy for everyone to get to know each other. By the end of the day we should all make new friends.

And I want to show everyone how much  you can enjoy yourself on San Francisco's mass transit system and how easy it is to use it!  It is the city's best kept secret that more people need to know about.


Walking Tours and San Francisco were born to be together


with weather and geography that is perfect for getting your blood moving and your heart thrilling.  The weather is colder than people expect and there is no avoiding the hills completely, but you can enjoy both with a good jacket and a pair of walking shoes. 

There a couple of Oh My God hills but they won't last too long.  It'll be more than worth scaling them to get uncrowded views and pictures of San Francisco that will blow your mind.

When we want to go far we let a bus or streetcar or a subway or even the cable car do the driving.  We go where and when we need to without a car more easily than if we had one . 



Private tours of San Francisco are not as amazing as the ones I have designed


or as much fun.  No one sees the city as I do, which is this wondrous playground with an endless array of diverse and unique things to do.  No one takes the time to research the incredible gems that are in every neighborhood and creates a tour that makes a single day feel like an entire week of experiences.

And the best part of it all is that there is never, ever a rush.  You will be able to enjoy everything in the tour as well as have time for pictures, shopping and relaxing along the way. 

Every city tour should be like this.  But they aren't.   Once you spend the day with Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours you will wonder how you could ever take a generic city tour again.