Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours            copywright 2012                     Mindy Joy Rutkovitz





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Tour Details and Booking

Tours cost $150.00 per person.  This includes all activities, amenities, taxes and gratuities 

Winding the Zig Zag to Fun with Science
Potrero Hill to Golden Gate Park
2nd and 4th Thursdays                   1:30-9:30 pm    

We meet at George and Lennie's coffee shop at 277 Golden Gate Avenue.  We then take the #19 bus going southeast to Potrero Hill where we will have lunch at Goat Hill Pizza.  We will work off lunch walking to see the crooked part of Vermont Street.  Continuing our stroll through the heart of the Mission district on 24th Street we will take the numbers 48 and 44 buses on a scenic ride to the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife special event.*Check for ticket availability

A few serious hills involved

Cheese, Booze and Barbeque
Financial District to Aquatic Park
2nd and 4th Mondays                   10am-6pm

We meet at Philz at 5 Embarcadero Center (in the back of the Hyatt.  enter on Market Street)  We then stroll down Market Street for a tasting of exquisite cheeses and other delicious bites at Fromagerie.   A couple of blocks away down Market Street is the #30 bus which we will take to Aquatic Park to visit and tour some of the old ships docked there.  Across the street from the boats is the famous Buena Vista Restaurant where we will stop to enjoy an Irish Coffee, which is their specialty.  A picturesque walk along the bay takes us to the #49 bus traveling south along historic Van  Ness Avenue to our final destination, South Paw BBQ, in the Mission District.

No hills in this one

Barracks to Buffoonery
The Presidio to Union Square    
1st and 3rd Sundays                              11am-8:30pm

We meet at Peet's Coffee at 121 Spear Street.  We will take the Presidigo, a free shuttle, to the gates of the Presidio, winding through beautiful neighborhoods, for Sunday brunch at a neighborhood French restaurant called Baker Street Bistro.  Then it's back onto the shuttle to the Golden Gate Bridge.  A walk along the Pacific coast will burn off the rich brunch.  Then we take the Presidigo back to the park entrance and hop onto the #45 bus to Union Square for an evening of laughing and drinking with comedians at Cheaper Than Therapy.*Check for ticket availability

This tour includes a challenging trail.  Not recommended for anyone with physical limitations.

Hippies to Hustlers
The Panhandle to the Tenderloin District  
3rd Friday of the month              10am-6pm 

We will meet at Vinyl Coffee and Wine Bar at 359 Divisadero Street and then enjoy a moderately hilly stroll through the area to talk about the roots of hippie culture  and see some of the houses of famous musicians of that era.  From there it is a short bus ride on the #31 to the Tenderloin Museum and its fascinating history of the roots of modern San Francisco's liberal activism. We will end the day close to where we started at Brenda's Meat and Three for an early soul food dinner.

Some challenging hills here

From Lit Salons to Literaturely Jazzing
Russian Hill to Glen Park   
1st Friday                  12-8pm

We meet at Emporio Rulli in the northeast corner of Union Square.  We will take the Powell/Hyde cable car to Russian Hill where we will walk the hills and garden lanes that meander in and around some of the most beautiful architecture and views in the entire city.  We then head downhill to Columbus Avenue for an early dinner at Acquolina by Washington Square Park.  A short walk to digest our meal takes us to Market Street where we board the BART and head to Beckett Books and Records in Glen Park for an evening of jazz among the books.

Moderate hills

Getting Stoned to Minds Blown
Soma to the Western Addition
2nd and 4th Fridays

We meet at Pentacle Coffee located at 64 6th Street.  From there it is a short walk to the Barbary Coast dispensary for a mellow toke of some local smoke.  Before we lose ourselves completely we will walk over to Market Street and take the BART into the Mission for happy hour at El Techo where we will slay the munchies with great Mexican food accompanied by an amazing view.  Then we take the #49 bus a few blocks north to Bush and Franklins Streets and a truly trippy experience of sound as sculpture at the Audium*Check for ticket availability

Don't worry.  I won't make anyone walk up hills while high.