Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours            copywright 2012                     Mindy Joy Rutkovitz





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How much does the tour cost?


$150.  This includes the transportation pass, a meal and a special event.


How long is the tour?
About 8 hours.  It is designed to have just the right amount of active and down time so that you will hardly feel the hours go by and will never get bored or exhausted.



Do we have to stay together the whole time?


Not necessarily.  It depends on the group.   Whenever there is down time people can split off and do some shopping or just chill a bit.



Is there a lot of walking?


Yes, but only short distances within the neighborhoods.  Most of the tours involve hills.  They are almost impossible to avoid and are part of the San Francisco experience.  They are moderate hills that will not be overly challenging.  To get from one section of the city to the next we will use the transportation system.


Is the tour handicap accessible?  


Not really.  The walking and use of public transportation will be a challenge for most disabilities.   Assitance will be limited and available only from the guide.  Please discuss any specific needs in this area before booking the tour.


Can we go shopping during the tour?


Of course!  I  always leave room for shopping on our tours.  Every neighborhood has its own distinct shopping district so the temptation is everywhere.  I  recommend doing it towards the end of the day so that you don’t have to carry too much around or have the purchased items sent to your hotel or back home.


What is included in the price of the tour?


The city passport, a meal, admittance to an activity or event, taxes and gratuity. Shopping and all other food or drink are not.


What is the weather like in San Francisco?


Not as warm as the rest of California.  San Francisco sits on a peninsula surrounded by cold water and so it rarely gets the benefits of the desert temperatures in the interior of the state.  The Pacific Ocean usually gets the upper hand.  We do get a few warm days here and there in the fall and the spring.  Summers are notoriously cold and foggy and the winters have alternate periods of cold rain and dry, warmish days.  The Bay area is famous for its microclimates, various temperature differences from one area to the next depending on their proximity to the water.



How should I dress in San Francisco?



Layers.  You put them on in the morning, peel them midday and put them right back on in the evening.  This includes your head and hands.  Temperatures vary from place to place and hour to hour, so it’s pretty much impossible to dress one way for the entire day.  Check the weather before the day of the tour to know for sure.


How do I get to the meeting place?

I will provide the name, address and location on a map.   You will have to arrange to get there on your own.  If you need help please call or email me.



Can I make suggestions as to things to see or do during the tour?



For pre-designed tours, no.   You can  inquire about a custom designed private chartered tour for your group alone.  Extra charges will apply.




Are the tours conducted only by day?



Not necessarily.  There are a lot of fun things going on at night, as well.  Check the itinerary to see what is scheduled.



Is there a maximum # of people on each tour?


Six.  I  do this to ensure the safety of the group and to make it less likely for us to get separated.  I  also feel that it is more personal with a small group.  Exceptions will be made in certain cases.  If you are traveling with a group already I suggest reserving a chartered tour.


Do I need to bring anything with me?


Good walking shoes and and a fun attitude are the two staples for making your tour a success.  Make sure your camera has new batteries because you will have ample time to take pictures.  And check the weather that morning to make sure you are dressed properly.  Travel lightly, also.  Carrying big bags or anything else will drag you down quickly.


What happens if we get separated while taking mass transportation?


Everyone will get a map with the route marked and will have my cell phone number if that happens.  I  will also let you know when the stop is approaching.


What happens if I am not happy with the tour?  How do you handle customer service?




Please speak with me about any concerns you have with the tour at any time during the tour.  The only reasonable context for a full reimbursement would be abusive or disrespectful treatment by any member of the group or venue that we visit.  Technical issues such as time and length of the tour and its itinerary are not as they are all clearly described prior to the reservation. 


What languages are spoken by the guides?



For now English only.  More will be added soon.


How does the meal work? Do we each order our own food?



In order to keep the experience simple, communal and within our budget we eat family style and order a couple of appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc. and share everything.  If you have dietary restrictions you must be responsible for calling the restaurant ahead of time to see if they can accommodate you before you book a tour.


Are wine and beer included with the meal?
Sure.  A glass or two of moderately priced wine or beer with our meal will be the perfect compliment to the experience.  If it goes beyond the budget it will be up to the individual to cover the price. 





How will I know how to recognize you at the meeting place?

I will have a sign on the table that reads:  “Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours”.






What is you cancellation policy?

Tours must be cancelled no later than one week before the tour date in order to receive a full refund. After that time there is a 50% refund for all tours cancelled no later than three days before the tour. Refunds of 25% will be given for cancellations made later, including the day of the tour itself if the cancellation is made before the tour begins. 





Are children allowed on the tour?

Generally speaking no.  Certainly not the tour that involves cannabis.  And the others are not geared towards the interests of children.  I cannot in good conscience risk the enjoyment of the rest of the group with a bored kid on the tour.  If you have an older child who would actually enjoy the activities included in the tour you would have to speak with me first about bringing him or her along.  There are no discounts in the tour prices for children.  I would advise chartering a tour that can be properly designed for you and your family.