Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours            copywright 2012                     Mindy Joy Rutkovitz





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No two tours are exactly alike.  Each one shows off a different side of San Francisco.  Another aspect of its personality.  Some have an obvious theme and others are just a happy collage of points of interest.  What's amazing about San Francisco is that no matter where you are there is always something fascinating to see and do  


That's the driving force of Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours.  Inspired  by the Beats who told us all to hit the road and have an adventurous life we will set out on our excursion together with a plan in mind but will always leave room for what the road brings along the way.  Getting there should be as much fun as arriving


No matter what the route each tour will include these things:  a day transit pass, a meal and admittance to a special event.  The transit pass is good on all transportation that runs in the city.  The meal is usually in a restaurant but could be at a food truck or a picnic.  The special event may be a street festival or an art opening.  It may be a show at a local theater or a comedy club.  Or maybe a farmer's market.  Basically anything that clues you in to the local cultural scene


The price of a tour per person is $150.  This includes all of the above features as well as taxes and gratuity


   To learn more about the tours go back to "Itineraries"  in the above menu.  A submenu will take you to the specific tours.   You can also click here to see them      


Looking forward to hitting the road together