Road Trip: San Francisco Walking Tours            copywright 2012                     Mindy Joy Rutkovitz





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Tours 4-6



Lit Salons to Literaturely Jazzing

Russian Hill to Glen Park/1st Friday        



Experience the literati of San Francisco from the places where famous writers gathered in old Russian Hill to more modern riffs ringing out in Glen Park.  The day starts easy with a mellow ride on a cable car, a lovely walk with amazing views and a relaxed Italian meal.  It ends with a cool vibe in a sweet spot where the people and the books are jumpin'.

From Barracks to Buffoonery

The Presidio to Union Square/1st and 3rd Sunday                      11am-8:00 pm


In an epic full circle ride that starts at the flatlands of San Francisco and sweeps northwest to the cliffs of the Presidio our journey takes us from a wilderness hidden in plain view to the middle of the city's most prominent shopping district for a good laugh and a stiff drink.    Brunch at a neighborhood French spot starts us off with the energy we'll need for the hike and beyond.

Getting Stoned to Minds Blown

Soma to the Western Addition/2nd and 4th Fridays


It wouldn't be a day in San Francisco without stopping to imbibe in a bit of California's number one cash crop.  After getting real mellow we are going to cruise over to a rooftop hot spot for some Mexican munchies where we can thrill over the spectacular view.  We will end the evening by immersing our expanded minds in and auditory experience unlike any other in the world.  Prepare to launch!